Modern replacement for glyph fonts

One library, thousands of icons.
New innovative approach to web icons. Fast, easy to use.

SimpleSVG is new innovative approach to adding icons to web pages. It combines pixel perfect rendering of SVG with ease of use of glyph fonts. Forget about loading entire fonts, forget about SVG sprites, forget about embedding SVG into document - SimpleSVG offers different, more efficient and more flexible approach to icons.

SimpleSVG is new. If SimpleSVG is missing a feature you want, please post about it on support forum. All suggestions are welcome.

How does it work?

  • Script looks for icon placeholders.

  • Script retrieves icon names from placeholders.

  • Script connects to SimpleSVG API and retrieves SVG data for all icons found on page.

    SimpleSVG API is hosted on network of servers spread across the world, so data would load in fraction of a second from any location.

    If you want to, you can host icons yourself on your server. See documentation.

  • Script replaces placeholders with SVG.

All of that happens almost instantly.

Browser compatibility

SimpleSVG supports all modern browsers.

Older browsers that are supported:

  • Internet Explorer 9 and newer.
  • iOS Safari for iOS 8 and newer.
  • Opera Mini and UC Browser are not supported.

IE 9, 10 and iOS 8 Safari do not support some modern functions that SimpleSVG relies on. SimpleSVG will automatically load polyfills for those browsers. All newer browsers do not require those polyfills.


SimpleSVG, all tools and libraries are released with MIT license.

If for whatever reason you prefer different license, create new issue at GitHub repository and most likely you will be granted permission to use SimpleSVG (or whatever tool/library you want) with license of your choice.

This license does not apply to icons. Icons are released under different licenses, see each collection for details. Icon collections available by default are all licensed under some kind of open source or free license.

SimpleSVG is completely free, no strings attached. All tools and libraries are open source.